Internationally affiliated, accredited and the only recognized Association in the Philippine Building Management Industry by the BUILDING OWNERS & MANAGERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL, INC. (BOMAI), based in Washington, D.C., cordially invites you to our Membership.

Among our Objectives and Purposes:

  • To have an organized non-stock and non-profit association of building administrators and/or property managers of commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, educational, shopping complex, villages and subdivision, townhouse and other condominium building structures in the field of building management industry of the Philippines;
  • To undertake, encourage and propagate the development and professionalization of the practice of building administration and management as a profession in the Philippines;
  • To foster the opening of new avenues, employment opportunities, referrals and placement of member practitioners for the local and international market of qualified and accredited building management practitioners;
  • To cooperate with the individual practitioners, entities, foundations, institutions and agencies, governmental or otherwise, in such work and activities leading to the improvement and progress of the Philippines, wherever and whenever the field of building administration has been, is and will be involved;
  • To sponsor seminars, workshops, lectures and in-service training of all disciplines, professions and trade that will open new knowledge or skills to the practitioners and would be practitioners  in this field of building and property management;
  • To encourage and propagate the development of quality building administration and management by assisting in the development  of relevant theory, practice and their environment; conduct an interchange of studies and information among the practitioners, bodies and agencies; and the publication, indexing and dissemination of such information;
  • To furnish, maintain and operate information that will provide interested practitioners with the fullest opportunity for observation and gathering of data and progress of practitioners in the country in all aspects of building and property management. 
  • To advance by all appropriate means in raising the standards and enhancing the status of building management as a “calling”;
  • Development of acquaintance, friendship and cooperation among the members and other professionals of the industry;
  • Fostering scientific methods, compilation of data pertinent to the buildings, their renting, operation and maintenance;
  • Application of economic principles in the betterment of existing buildings and the planning of new construction or renovations;
  • Encouragement of good public relations, including tenants relationships and dissemination of authentic information;
  • Establishment of standards of practice and performance, integration of teamwork and leadership accomplishment of collective aims;
  • Undertaking of other proper steps that insure to the advantage of the membership to the Association.

Your Membership to PABA promises to be a very fruitful, informative and beneficial experience and success you desire for your professional growth and development in the building management industry.



Here are some of the basic qualifications, the talents and attributes of a potential Building Administrator and/or Property Manager.

  • A person with a sound business background
  • A person of integrity and honesty
  • A person with the ability to work with people in a diplomatic, tactful and firm manner
  • A person with good communication skills, both written and oral communication
  • A personable person with a good inter-personal skills
  • A person with extreme patience in all aspects
  • A person who is a service oriented
  • A person with the ability to analyze problems and deal with complaints
  • A person who is familiar and well oriented in all aspects of discipline on mechanical, electrical, civil, architecture, structure engineering, construction, financial management, taxation insurance, legal aspects of management, marketing, leasing, real estate brokerage, public relations, practically in all disciplines.
  • A person familiar and well-oriented in the management fundamentals of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Controlling and Directing.



Here are some of the basic roles of a Building Administrator and/or Property Manager:

  • Bills and collects condominium membership fees, condominium dues and other special assessments
  • Manages the funds of the condominium corporation or association
  • Prepares a Projected Annual Budget Operating Expenses
  • Formulates or computes and/or recommends the rate of condominium assessments dues
  • Prepares the management monthly and/or annual performance report to the Board of the Condominium Association
  • Pays the annual/quarterly real estate taxes on land and the building or improvements
  • Secure several insurance proposals required by the condominium project for evaluation and/or recommendations to the Board
  • Attends to all contractual service and product providers on security, janitorial, engineering, civil works, pest control, garbage collection
  • Implements the Master Deed and Declaration of Restrictions. House Rules and Regulations, the Articles of Incorporation and its By-Laws 



Here some of the duties and responsibilities of a Building Administrator and/or Property Manager:

  • Conducts a building audit and/or inspections prior to the acceptance of the development project from the general contractor and/or sub-contractors
  • Prepares a punch-lists of construction defects and construction balances based on the plans and specifications
  • Review the building plans on mechanical, electrical, plumbing, water systems, sewerage systems, plumbing systems, etc.
  • Secure the original and the “as built” plans signed by the Architects, Engineers and Contractor
  • Prepares and set-up the Management Organization, and the staffing pattern on manpower requirements
  • Prepares a projected annual budget operating expenses
  • Review the insurance requirements of the building on fire, damages, (earthquake), comprehensive general liability insurance (CGL) and the real estate taxes on land and building
  • Prepares/reviews any proposed improvements or renovations in the common areas
  • Attends to the requirements of the National, City and Municipal government on : Building occupancy, Occupancy permit, and others